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Do you know Be Mar Hostel staff? We are a great team of young folks!

We work hard and happily! ;-) We love Barcelona, we enjoy the best of it and want to help you discover this beautiful city! Be Hostels is proud to say that Be Hostels Staff always receive super good rates and compliments. Get to know us! Keep traveling, keep smiling!


It doesn’t matter who you ask or where is that person from, everybody that knows it, love this city.
Travelling around the world is a unique experience that makes you value not only the new that you get to know, but the « old » that you already knew. I missed the tastes and flavours of the Mediterranean, the Gaudi’s magic architecture, hang around in the narrow streets of the old city in which you would get beautifully lost, or sitting in a terrace enjoying the “vermut” with friends under the warm sun. Finally I am back in my beloved Barcelona




In a place where the mountains, sea, beaches, old town and new town, huge landscapes and extremly small streets go all togheter and create a race of people with character. Is created because that is what has barcelona, personality. Barcelona is not the city of love is the city of hard love, an eternal and ephemeral love. Is a large kitchen where you can find not only delicious food but a great mix of ingredients that create an exotic and interesting city and community that meet her will never stop day after day. Here there´s an art and social culture create by spanish and all the world people attracted by this crazy and autentic city. Cheer to all!




Barcelona! The incredible city beside the meditarreanian. No matter what stories you hear about this city nothing will ever do it justice unless you come and live the experience! It’s not difficult to fall in love with Barcelona seeing as how it pretty much caters to everyone’s needs and interests. I was completely blown away by the unlimited amount of activities and fiestas that take place all around the city and even more so by the people that you meet just by simply walking down the street! I’ve had my fair share of travelling around and I can honestly say Barcelona has managed to capture my heart like no other. Don’t believe me? Come and see for yourself. ;)

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